About me

Hello there, thank you for visiting my personal website. If you are asking what does v3k mean, it's v3k = vợ + 3 con (Vietnamese) = Wife + 3 children. Children is best gift that Lord give to us on this and also external life, 3 is the number I wish.

For those who interests,

I am, Thế Hồng (Andy) Trương (张), a member of Holy Church, Chinese-Vietnamese, husband, father of two adorable babies.

About working, I am Drupal developer at GO1 from March 2013 to present.


Full stack Web developer

HTML, CSS (SASS, Compass), Javascript (jQuery, AngularJS), PHP, MySQL, Web service.

PHP programmer

OOP, DI, Event dispatcher, Design patterns, PHPUnit/Mink/Selenium/Travis, Composer, Restler, Mink, xDebug, … Contributed some libraries/web applications.

Full stack Drupal developer

I involved to Drupal since 2006, certified in 2014 May, contributed to some modules on Drupal.org, and some other can be found on Github.

For sure I play quite fine with module/Hook/Service provider system, Form, Testing, Views, Plugin API, Migrate, BOA, …

I spent most time on backend coding, but I also have knowledge on frontend: Omega, Sass, Compass, Singularity is the stack and my teams used for last Drupal projects. I integrated Twig template to Drupal 7 via ATBase module.


I also worked with Docker, CodeShip, Heroku + add-ons, AWS SQS, Elastic Beanstalk, S3, …

Work history

Time Company Role
04/2006 – 08/2006 LITSolution Drupal developer
09/2006 - 12/2008 DemandVision Drupal developer
04/2001 - 01/2013 SundaysEnergy Drupal developer
01/2009 - 03/2013 VietCoop Small team leader, Drupal projects on @oDesk


Community activities, (watching) football, movie with family, bún bò, phở, bánh ướt, …


Drop me a message at thehongtt @ google mail if you would like to have more information.