Drupal (7) should not be framework for your products

  1. Drupal 7 great but it is old
  2. Drupal 8 is great but it is too early to use
  3. We can not have decissions on popular modules (views, rules, entity, …), manage patches is not good things to do
  4. Frontend + Backend in one instance, that makes Drupal sites really slow.
  5. Service is just half ready
  6. Theming system is heavy, slow rendering on PHP/front-end site
  7. Not compatible with HHVM
  8. Recommended version for PHP is now 5.5 but Drupal 7 is working with PHP 5.2 style
  9. Block us to work with fancy tools from PHP world: PHPUnit, Symfony, Composer, Monolong, Swiftmailer, DI, …
  10. Drupal is CMS, not product framework